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The sound before the fiddle

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Program for January 28-30, 2022

The national stage in Oslo  

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Courses in kveding, yoik, willow flute, mouth harp, langeleik, harp and lyre, nap and buck horn
24.-26. January 2020 at the Riksscenen in Oslo
Arr: Norsk Lur- og Bukkehornlag, Norsk Langeleikforum, Norsk Munnharpeforum, Norsk Kvedarforum, Juoigiid Searvi, Riksscenen.


Lur and buckhorn: Bendik Smedåsgjelten Qvam / Eilif Gundersen 
Joik:  Kirsten Marit Olsen / Thorvald Hansen
Seal flute: Steinar Ofsdal
Langeleik: Magnhild Karsrud (children and young people) / Solveig Vatn Weisser (beginners) / Gunnlaug Lien Myhr (adults)
Mouth Harp: Tom Willy Rustad (master class) / Bernhard Folkestad, Oddvin Horneland (beginners) / Jon Bugge Mariussen (advanced)
Kveding: Camilla Granlien / Olaf Moen
Idea workshop with harp and lyre: Stein Villa



6:00 p.m.  The club scene: Course opening and registration of course participants
Presentation of instructors, social gathering, open stage

21.00 Main stage:  ABOUT Sandvik: 100 years later 
Concert with Camilla Granlien, Bjørn Sigurd Glorvigen, Vegar Vårdal, Tom Willy Rustad. Tickets NOK 100 for course participants.


09.00 Registration of course participants

09.30 Main stage: Gathering and orientation, information about the courses

10.00 Course

12.00 Lunch

13.00 The main stage: Music lecture "On the deep roots of instruments" by music archaeologist Gjermund Kolltveit.

13:45 Main Stage / Mesanine:  Presentation of the instrument makers / Instrument market opens.

2.30 pm Course                                                     

4.30 pm Lunch break 

18.00 The club stage: “Fyrispel” by Steinar Ofsdal (not included in the course)                                    

20:00 Main stage: Concert and dance party (included in the course)

23.00 Club stage: Tuva's blood club (not included in the course)

True to tradition, there will be a party concert with instructors and others on the occasion of Klangen before the fiddle with a subsequent dance party where vocals and old instruments are the review melody. In the 2020 version, there are Eilif Gundersen, Bendik Smedåsgjelten Qvam (lure / buckhorn), Tom Willy Rustad and Jon Bugge Mariussen (mouth harp), Stein Villa (harp), Camilla Granlien (kveding), Kirsten Marit Olsen and Thorvald Hansen (yoik) , Solveig Vatn Weisser and Magnhild Karsrud (langeleik) and Steinar Ofsdal (willow flute) who are responsible for the party concert. The host of the evening is Eli Storbekken

After the concert, there will be a dance party for "Klangen før fela"!


10.00 The main stage: "From note to performance" led by Bjørn Sigurd Glorvigen 

11.00 Course

13.30 Main stage:  Summary and conclusion with course elements

It is taught on lures and mouth harps tuned in G

The nap and buckhorn course requires basic knowledge, e.g. as a brass blower at corps level.

Mouth harps and langeleiker can be borrowed on request

Courses in lyre and harp are for all levels. There will be instruction and sharing of knowledge.

Children under 12 accompanied by parents free of charge.

Instrument market: buckhorn, nap, harp flute / flutes, mouth harp. CD sales and supplies.

This is how it was ... in "those times" ...:

Text and pictures coming ...

"The two most important days in your life, are the day you are born, and the day you find out why."

Mark Twain

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