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- double harmonica CD with old and new masters

One of the reasons why the Norsk Munnharpeforum was founded

almost ten years ago, was to make available the old

the traditional material found in the archives all around - first and

foremost in NRK. The Norwegian Munnarpeforum has now published double-

The CD "Fille-Vern - Old and new masters in Norwegian".

harmonica tradition". The first CD contains archive recordings

from 1937 onwards until the 1970s. Here we find many of them

recording that forms the basis of our traditional game.

We can mention masters such as Aani Rysstad, Mikkjel Kåvenes,

Anders K. Rysstad, Knut E. Brokke, Hallvard T. Bjørgum and

Torleiv H. Bjørgum from Setesdal; Lars Holø, Per Sandvik and

Olav O. Aukrust from Gudbrandsdalen; Olav Oreholti from

Telemark as well as Embrik Beitohaugen and Olav Hauge from

Valdres. The technical quality of even the oldest of these

the recording is, according to the circumstances, very good.


The second CD mostly contains songs from Landskappleiken and

The NMF festivals take place in the period 1995 to 2005.

Here are masters that today's festival audience knows.


The package contains a total of 93 pieces with a playing time of just under two and a half hours plus a 104-page text booklet with mentions of traditions and players, sheet music and pictures (half of which is English translation). "Fille-Vern" is published in collaboration with the record company Ta:lik and NRK and is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council, the Council for folk music and folk dance, Norwegian folk music and dance teams and the Sparebankstiftelsen DnB NOR.


The conclusion is that this is a package that everyone who is interested in traditional harmonica playing must have! This is simply a reference work. We thank those who have put so much work into making this happen!


Finally, we include the back cover text which explains the origin of the name of the song and the CD:


"Fille-Vern" was the nickname of Vern Auversson (b. 1792), which he had received because he dealt in rags, an important raw material in paper production at the time. The beat of the same name was quite simply his favorite beat. It is still probably the most played piece among harmonica players in the Setesdal tradition, as evidenced by the seven versions on this release. Besides hay from Setesdal, where Vern traded his rags, you will hear harmonica playing from all the most important traditional areas in Norway, such as Telemark, Hallingdal, Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres. With a rarely documented instrument that may have roots all the way back to Viking times, this double CD presents for the first time recordings with both deceased and living players covering a period from 1937 to the present day.


Project manager for the Norwegian Harp Forum, Viggo Vestel, wishes to send a special thank you to Leiv Solberg at NRK. He has been a great help in the work, but unfortunately he was not mentioned in the textbook.


Members of MNF can buy the CD for NOK. NOK 150 (including VAT) plus shipping by sending the order to You must then state that you are a member of NMF.

You can hear samples here:


Buy the CDs here:

You can also buy the album from other record stores, including Etnisk Musikklubb:


Double CD + DVD from Grappa Musikkforlag

In collaboration with Grappa Musikkforlag AS (Heilo), we have produced an album with two CDs and a DVD from "the 4th International Harp Festival in Rauland" in 2002.


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