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Jew's Harp Festival 2022

Jew's Harp Festival 2022

Ål i Hallingdal. 16 to 18 September 2022

There will be a Jew's Harp Festival this year!

Concerts and courses in Jew's Harp


The place is: Topcamp Hallingdal

Myrovegen 15 – 3570 Ål in Hallingdal


Friday 16'Th of September

Arrival from 3 p.m. Accommodation in cabins with own

bedrooms. Registration of festival participants between

6 to7 p.m. Dinner and drinks are ordered and paid for

individually. Location: Innermost part of Bergtatt Bistro

Concert at 9 p.m. with local performers:

Tove Bøygard

Leksvol Munnharpelag

Bjørn Kvinnegard

Sigbjørn Stølen

Hallgrim Berg

Erik Røine

Thorleif Stave, torader ​

​Saturday 17'Th of September

9 a.m. - Breakfast in Bergtatt Bistro

10 a.m. - The harmonica lessons begin

Course 1: Beginner instructors Oddvin Horneland.

Course 2: A little practice, instructor Bernhard Folkestad.

Course 3: Hallingspel, instructor Bjørn Kvinnegard.


noon - Lunch (1 course) in Bergtatt Bisrtro

1:30 p.m. - The courses continue

4:30 p.m. - The courses end

5 to 5:30 p.m.  "Tone formation on the mouth harp" by Oddvin Horneland

6:30 p.m. - 2-course dinner in Bergtatt Bistro.

Drinks are ordered and paid for individually

8 p.m.- Harmonica concert With: Thov Wetterhus, Hallgrim Berg,

Erik Røine, Veronika Søum, Daniel Due Tønnesen,

Jim Erik Hoem Johnsen and more.


10 p.m. - Charity concert Open microphone, bush spell and fun into the wee hours. ​

Sunday 18'Th of September

9 p.m. - Breakfast in Bergtatt Bistro

10 p.m. - The courses continue

11 p.m. - The rooms must be emptied

noon - The courses end and we gather for evaluation

and departure ​


There may be changes in the program.



Registration and accommodation:

Festival pass (incl. concerts and courses)

Non-members NOK 600

Members NOK 500

Students NOK 300

Children/young people under 16 enter for free. 😊


Registration takes place by payment to account number 2320.15.35565 and email to treasurer Sven Håkon Jørgensen ( or SMS 95248538. Or use NMF's VIPPS number: 536104. Remember to state your name and the type of course/concert you sign up.


Can't make it to the whole festival?

Concert on Saturday NOK 200 for adults and NOK 100 for children and students. ​


Accommodation at Topcamp Hallingdal

Myrovegen 15 – Ål in Hallingdal


Telephone: +47 32 69 92 00

NOK 1990 per person Friday - Sunday

NOK 1500 per person Saturday - Sunday

2022 - NMF poster 2.jpg

Feel free to download the poster and give it to someone who might be interested in being part of a musical experience.

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