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Jew's harp makers

Past, present and future ones...


Get in touch if you want to present your fantastic jew's harps.

Norwegian Jew's Harp makers:

Click on the squares to see a picture of the jew's harps they make.

Other links that may be of interest:

Harp Sites:

International Jews Harp Society:

Jew's Harp Guild (USA):

Austrian Maultrommelferein (Austria):

Dutch Jew's Harp Pages (Netherlands):

Japan Koukin Kyoukai (Japan):

Silkroad Foundation Newsletter:

Michael Wright's Website:

Robert Vandré's website with courses in harmonica playing:

Mouth Music Press:

Foundation Anthropodium edited by Phons Bakx:

maultrommel.kunst.werke edited by Wolf Janscha:

Varganist edited by Vladimir Markov:

Music Archeology:

Department of Musicology, University of Oslo:


Places where you can buy mouth harps and mouth harp music:

Grappa Musikkforlag:

Ethnic Music Club:

Danmoi (Germany):

Sound for health (Jonathan Cope, England):

Online store with instruments from many countries:


Other interesting sites:

Norwegian lur- and bukkehornlag:

National team for Players:

Hardanger Fiddle Association of America:


Links to foreign mouth harpists:

Andreas Schlütter (Germany):

Zoltán Szilágyi (Hungary):

Steven Stoop (The Netherlands):

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