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One of the reasons for establishing Horsk Munnharpeforum (Norwegian Jew's Harp Forum) was to make available the old Jew's Harp material hidden in archives around the country, mainly in the NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation). Norwegian Jew's Harp Forum  have now released the double CD: "Fille-Vern - Old and new masters in Norwegian Jew's Harp tradition". The first CD contain archive recordings from 1937 to the1970s. The second CD gives samples of  what has been performed at the NMF festivals and at "Landskappleiken", the main national competition for traditional music, song and dance.


The album contains 93 tunes and the total playing time is close to two and a half hours. Included is also a 104 page booklet with descriptions of traditions and musicians plus some notes and pictures (half the booklet is in English).


"Fille-Vern" (Raggedy Vern) was the nickname given to Vern Auversson (b. 1792) who traded in rags, an important ingredient for paper production in his time. A tune called "Fille-Vern", because it was Vern's favorite, has long been popular among jew's harp players in the Setesdal tradition. This double-CD is a collection of jew's harp music from areas of Norway well known for their traditions: Telemark, Hallingdal, Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres, as well as Setesdal, where Vern vandered with his rags. It provides an unique, in-depth experience of the jew's harp, an instrument known world-wide, but whose roots in Norway may go back more than 1000 years, to the days of the Vikings. Field recordings made during the years 1937-2006 provide us with a variety of traditional tunes performed by a variety of artists, the oldest born in 1865 and the youngest in 1977.


This album is a must for all those who are interested in Norwegian Jew's Harp traditions.

You can listen to samples and buy the CDs here:

Other productions

Double CD + DVD from Grappa Musikkforlag

In co-operation with Grappa Musikkforlag  AS (Heilo) we have produced an album with two CDs and one DVD from "The 4th International Jew's Harp Festival and Congress at Rauland in 2002".

Please click on the pictures to go to Grappa.  Here you can listen to tracks from the CDs, and order the album.


Norwegian CDs:

·  Syringe and drive - mouth harp in 100

Hallgrim Berg and Erik Røine. Heilo HCD7254


·  Fille-Vern

Old and new masters in the Norwegian mouth harp tradition. Talik TA29CD


·  Jew's harp festival 2002.

Two CDs and a DVD from "the 4th International Mouth Harp Festival at Rauland" in 2002.  Heilo HCD7189


·  The world of the mouth harp.

Svein Westad, John Wright, Trân Quang Hai and Leo Tadagawa. Ethnic Music Club EM3.


·  Mouth harp!

Hallgrim Berg and Erik Røine. Heilo / Grappa HCD 7149 .


·  Klunkaren.

Thorleiv H. & Hallvard T. Bjørgum. SYLVCD1


·  Framework

Daniel Sanden-Warg and Sigurd Brokke, Ethnic Music Club EM29


·  Framework II

Daniel Sanden-Warg and Sigurd Brokke, Ethnic Music Club EM49


·  From one to one.

Bjørgulv Straume. Bscd 96


·  Hrynhendt

Bjørgulv Straume, Øystein Kikut.


·  Ånon.

Ånon Egeland. Heilo / Grappa HCD 7136.


·  Licensed to dance.

Hallgrim Berg and Ari Thunda. MNW Records 1998.


·  Låtta o song song from Valdres

Rolf O. Karlberg. (ROK, 2943 Rogne, Norway)


·  Running string.

Kirsten Bråten Berg and Hallvard Bjørgum. Grappa GRCD 4157


·  All the world's folk music.

John Wright etc Grappa GRCD 4139.


·  Quartz.

Lie / Rudi / Rustad / Styve. Quartz 1998.


·  Violins

Tom Willy Rustad. Quartz 2005.


Foreign CDs:

·  The mouth harp.

  Tapani Varis. Teosto KICD 46.

·  The lark in the clear air.

  John, Dave & Mike Wright. OSS CD13.

·  Music and the dispel of thoughts.

  Phons Bax & musicians. Anthropodium ATP002-99PhB.

·  A song for the Jew's harp.

  Phons Bax. BDd-001-97PhB.

·  Hungary 2.

  Anthology of Folklore Music. Folkcraft CD 2907.

·  River Yamuna.

  The Karnataka College of Percussion. Music of the World MOW145.

·  Phillipines Palawan Highlands Music.

  Le Chant du Monde LDX 274 865.

·  The music of Yi people in Yunnan, China.

  King Record KICC 5188.

·  Instrumental music of Khyrgyztan.

King Record KICC 5210.

Many of the Norwegian and foreign CDs can be ordered from . You may find several good folk music records at


Norway has got it's first music archaeologist.  Gjermund Kolltveit has been conferred a doctor's degree on the history of the Jew's Harp in Europe. This is the result of ten years of research on this part of European music history that so few have been working on till now.

Gjermund Kolltveit has documented and analyzed 830 Jew's Harps from archaeological excavations in Europe. The material represents hundreds of years of  Jew's Harp history, most of the instruments are from the period 1200-1600.


(English summary on page 2.)

Thesis in music archeology on Jew's Harps by

Gjermund Kolltveit


Article about «the Norwegian munnharpe revival» by NMF-member

Deirdre Áine Eilís Morgan

In the last 50 years, Norway has experienced a wave of new interest for the jew's harp. For example, this has resulted in foundation of the Norwegian Jew's Harp Forum - Norsk Munnharpeforum.

Deidre Morgan has written about this in the article «Cracking the code: recordings, transmission, players and smiths in the Norwegian munnharpe revival», published in Ethnomusicology Forum.

It is about the role of audio-visual recordings in the transmission of mouth harp playing and smithing techniques, featuring several members of the NMF. The article is available to download for free until September 30, 2018 at this link . After that, please contact Deirdre to request a copy.

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