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Here is our site at Facebook.

And here is our group at facebook.
(Both opens in a new vindow)

The difference is that in the site NMF are in charge of the publicity. At the group it is the members in the group who publish everything.


Links to....

Websites on munnharpe / Jew’s harps:

International Jews Harp Society:

Jew's Harp Guild (USA):

Østerreichischer Maultrommelferein (Austria):

Dutch Jew's Harp Pages (the Netherlands):

Japan Koukin Kyoukai (Japan):

Silkroad Foundation Newsletter:

Michael Wright (England):

Robert Vandré’s website with course in JH playing:

Mouth Music Press:

Foundation Antropodium edited by Phons Bakx:

maultrommel.kunst.werke edited by Wolf Janscha:

Varganist edited by Vladimir Markov:


Places to buy munnharpe-music:

Grappa Musikkforlag:

Etnisk Musikklubb:

Danmoi (Tyskland):

Sound for health (Jonathan Cope, England):

Web shop with instruments from all the world:


Other web sites of interest:

Norsk lur- og bukkehornlag (On the playing of lures and ram's horns):

Landslaget for Spelemenn (Norwegian association of folk musicians and singers):

Hardanger Fiddle Association of America:


Links to foreign Jew’s harp makers:

Andreas Schlütter (Germany):

Zoltán Szilágyi (Hungary):

Steven Stoop (Holland):


Feel free to contakt us if you are missing some links, or you have something to share with us.

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