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Norwegian Jew's Harp Forum

NMF was founded in 1998 and we now have nearly 150 members. NMF wants to fuel the interest in the Jew's Harp in Norway by teaching playing technique and supplying knowledge about our traditions, both on how the instruments are made and on music made for Jew's Harp. We find it important to maintain contact with societies in other countries and the international interest has become so huge that it has become an important task for us to publish this web site. Comments and suggestions on how to improve it are welcome.

The Board of Norwegian Jew's Harp Forum:

Editor of the Member's newsletter "Munnharpa":

Bernhard Folkestad

The quarterly newsletter "Munnharpa" is included in the membership fee. The newsletter contains

-          articles on well-known Jew's Harp players, smiths and on Jew's Harp traditions in Norway,

-          information about our festivals,

-          national and international news,

-          CD productions and other special events,

-          letters from interested readers.


We encourage readers to contribute! Please contact Bernhard Folkestad, 

E mail: bernhard.folkestad<at> (Spam filter; replace <at> with @.)



Please contact Sven Håkon Jørgensen

E-mail: sven.jorgensen<at> (Spam filter; replace <at> with @.)


Membership includes the journal Munnharpa. Overseas members receive an English translation with each quarterly newsletter.

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