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Examples of Jew's Harp tunes from our festivals


Odd Sylvarnes Lund plays "I gamle da'r"


Sigurd Brokke plays Munnharpeslått after Gunnar A. Hedde


Svein Westad plays Improvisation over Kivlemøyane


Arnt Magne Haugen plays Fangjen


Øivind Abrahamsen plays Springar after Beitohaugen


Sigbjørn Solbakken plays Trulseguten


Bernhard Folkestad plays a Scottish set dance


The Norwegian Jew's Harp Festivals

The annual munnharpe festival is the big event for Norwegian munnharpe enthusiasts. The first one was held at Fagernes in 1995, arranged by Ånon Egeland. He was the hub in the next three festivals too, organized by Valdres Folkemuseum. After that we have been in Rysstad in Setesdal (1999, organized by Norsk Munnharpe Forum); in Vågå (2000, organized by Vågå spel-og dansarlag); in Ål in Hallingdal (2001, organized by Ål spel-og dansarlag); in Rauland (2002, please see reference below); at Sota Sæter in Skjåk (2003, organized by Norsk Munnharpe Forum); at Fagernes (2004, organized by Valdres Folkemusikklag); Gjøvik (2005, organized by Gjøvik Spelmannslag); again in Rysstad in Setesdal (2006, organized by Norsk Munnharpe Forum and Setesdal spelemannslag); in Dalen Hotel (2007, Norsk Munnharpe Forum); in Oslo (2007, Norsk Munnharpe Forum); in Gjøvik (2009, organized by Gjøvik Spelmannslag); in Fagernes (2010, Valdres Folkemusikklag, NMF and Norsk langeleikforum); in Ål in Hallingdal (Liatoppen) (2011, Ål spel- og dansarlag, Norsk Langeleikforum and Norsk Munnharpeforum); in in Telemark ( hotell)(2012, Norsk Langeleikforum and Norsk Munnharpeforum); in Oslo (2013, organized by Norsk Munnharpeforum and Riksscenen); in Horten (2014, organized by Norsk Munnharpeforum); in Dovre (Hjerleid school and crafts center)(2015, organized by Norsk Munnharpeforum and Hjerleid); in Bykle hotel (2016, Norsk Munnharpeforum and Setesdal Spelemannslag); at Smedsgården hotel, Nesbyen in Hallingdal (2017, Norsk Munnharpeforum); at Valdres Folkemuseum in Fagernes (2018, Norsk Munnharpeforum, Hilme året rundt, Valdres Folkemusikklag and Valdresmusea).


Previous festivals:

You will find pictures from the festivals and other events here:

2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2009-2012, 2008



The Norwegian Jew’s Harp Festival 2018


In Fagernes, Valdres, 21st to 23rd of September


Consert audiense Friday

Performers at the Fiday consert, sent in the radio programme NRK Folkemusikktimen


Instrument exibition

From the workshops

Munnharpe smith Simen Roheim

First «Honorary friend» of Norwegian Jew’s Harp Forum: Elisabeth Kværne

All photos: Einar Turtum




The Norwegian Jew’s Harp Festival 2017


Image result for Smedsgården hotell

at Smedsgården Hotell, Nesbyen, Hallingdal.


In the workshop by Sigbjørn Solbakken in Hallingdal playing, the tunes Fru Stenersen and Trulseguten were used.


Bernhard Folkestad has edited 75 issues of the members journal "Munnharpa"! This was celebrated at the Munnharpe festival. He got a belt with the logo of Norwegian Jew's Harp Forum engraved on the buckle




IMG_0070 - Konsert fredag

Consert Friday:

Nes spel- og dansarlag and Hallingdal låtelag



IMG_0367 - Kurs s+©ndag


IMG_0374 - Kurs s+©ndag




Irish playing





Hallingdal playing



Session on Saturday



IMG_0329 - Viggo kj+©rer dugnadskonsert




IMG_0292 - Pippa & Morten



The board of Norwegian Jew’s Harp Forum


Photo: Mona Ottesen and Einar Turtum


Music weekend in Gjøvik 12nd-14th of May 2017


Photo: Einar Turtum





7. internasjonal jew’s harp festival i Yakutia

22th to 26th June 2011



Svein Westad was appointed ”World khomus virtuoso” by Nikolay Shishigin




Partisipants in Ysyakh (New Year and mid summer celebration) forming a giant jew’s harp while playing (see YouTube).


During the festival a new Guinnes record was set: 2011 jew’s harp musicans played together.



International Jew's Harp festival 2006


The 5th International Jew's harp Festival took place in Amsterdam from July 28th through July 30th. You will find more information here:





The 4th International Jew’s Harp Festival and Congress:

The festival in Norway in 2002 was the 4th International Jew’s Harp Festival and Congress, organized by the Høgskule (College) in Telemark, Dept of folk culture, in collaboration with Norsk Munnharpe Forum. The other international festivals had been held in Iowa, USA, in 1984; Yakutia (Sibiria) in 1991; and in Molln, Austria, in 1998. The next international festival will be in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in July 2006 (see below). The International Jew’s Harp Association in Vienna decides where the international festivals are to be held.


Please refer to productions to get information about CDs and DVDs from Rauland 2002.





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